Public Relations Executive: Roles and Responsibilities

The role of a public relation person is complex. One needs to be immensely skilled in order to fit the shoes of a PR officer. The most important responsibility of public relation department is to portray its company’s image in the best possible manner. PR professionals are the key people responsible for managing the reputation of their company. They not only deal with the heat of the media but also work to minimize any bad news about their company in the market.


  • Most people are of the view that deliberating with the media is the sole responsibility of a public relation department. However, managing media relations is only one of the many tasks that PR executives have to carry out on a daily basis. Bad publicity can ruin the public image of a company. It is very hard to judge the mind of journalists. They are smart enough to understand whether they are being manipulated. Cultivating a good relationship with journalists is a must for PR people and it is not an easy task.
  • For a PR professional, crises management skills are very important. When their company goes through an unpleasant state of affairs and they sense a threat, managing the public and the workforce becomes their top priority and it calls for enormous efforts.
  • PR executives also have to look after matters pertaining to customer service and marketing. They have to conduct considerable research to understand public opinions about product and services.
  • With the rise of social media, public relations have gone online. A PR professional now has to manage their company’s reputation on social networks as well as the World Wide Web.

For a company to survive and thrive, the public relations team necessarily needs to act proactively. Public Relations professionals are more protectors of their company than employees. They help a company stay afloat and succeed.


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